Updates for Cruising the New South Wales Coast and Cruising the Coral Coast


The purpose of this web site is to provide readers of Alan's most popular cruising guides, Cruising the New South Wales Coast and Cruising the Coral Coast, an easy way to update their copies. Click on the update you require and print it! Couldn't be easier!

Both updates are in PDF format. If you don't have a PDF Reader, you can download it free here!

Cruising the NSW Coast

Latest update here! (mid 2014)

6th Edition

Latest edition of what has long been the most comprehensive cruising guide of this coast. The best of all the Alan Lucas Cruising Guides.

Cruising the Coral Coast

Latest update here! (to mid 2014)

9th Edition

New edition of this essential guide to all Queensland ports and anchorages.

390 pages, fully illustrated.

When you're off watch at sea, or just weary after a hard day's sail, the author's new book.
The essential companion to all other boating books
is easy reading with its collection of marvellous maritime moments and nautical information. It promises to fascinate, titillate and even encourage deeper research into a great variety of nautical subjects that appeal to all those with salt in their veins.
Ask for it, and all Alan Lucas books, at booksellers and chandleries or mail order from:
Boat Books Pty Ltd
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Crows Nest
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(02) 9439 1133
E-mail: boatbooks[at]boatbooks-aust.com.au
Along with Cruising the Coral Coast and Cruising the NSW Coast, Off Watch is also available from:
The Coastal Passage